Custom illustrations

How to order a personnalised illustration

A custom illustration can be used to showcase one or more children, an event or any other topics.

The price of an illustration depends on the number of people and the options according to the following pricing:

  • 1 person : 125€
  • 2 persons : 165€
  • 3 persons : 205€
  • 4 persons : 245€
  • 5 persons : 285€
  • Beyond 35€ per additional person.
  • For birth announcements, the newborn is offered.
  • Complex graphic background option: 40€.

The original drawing is provided in paper format (maximum size A4) for framing. The illustration is in high resolution digital format, directly printable online as postcards. The digital illustration can be enhanced with a simple graphic background.

Any order with validated photos is firm when the payment is received. It is only then that I start to draw.

Packaging and shipping costs are added. For metropolitan France it is 7.90€ and to be defined for other destinations.

The format and deadline are up to you. However, competing demands, especially around the holidays, sometimes cause delays. It is important to anticipate.

I scan my drawing as I go along so that you can validate the design and the style. The first validation of the black and white pencil outline does not induce any modification fees. Beyond that, modifications will be charged 35 euros.

The colouring is not changeable, it is done only on paper and not in digital format.The digital colour format is scanned in high resolution. Once the colours are set, I can’t go back or change anything. So there are two options. Either you indicate precisely on the black and white scan the colour you want for each garment. Or you can trust me.

An order is payable in advance. The payment will be cashed only when it arrives safely. I never send an order that has not been approved by my client beforehand.

I work from photos sent by email, your ideas, the child’s environment and their clothing. A photo showing the desired illustration scene is preferable. It allows to visually describe your wishes, and to visualize the different body types.

I will send three formats of your project.

  • HD black and white scan to print copies for children’s coloring
  • HD color scan for printing postcards, business cards and more.
  • the original paper drawing of the scene, without any graphic background… to frame.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at… as each request is unique!